Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Xda-tv "the developer challenge"... The weekend that stops the nation.

Instead of risking it all on the backs of nags, I thought I'd have a flutter at the Xda-tv developer challenge this weekend.

All was going well until I realized that two fundamental capabilities are not provided by Android: sending pre-recorded audio to the recognizer service is not allowed and recording voice up link or down link is also not allowed.

The first issue can be overcome with a minor physical hack: place phone in a small quiet place with lots of echo, i.e. a small box. With the intent of emailing the user when transcription is complete.

The second issue on the other hand is a bit of a tanker (in the racing sense, not the wow tanking). It seems both the hardware and the software are pulling back on the reigns so to speak, the hardware might not be connected and the software does not alow up link out down link recording.

I'm going to give it a shot on my old Dream running cm7, if it won't work on that then it seems impossible. Now I see how this competition is going to take a month :o

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