Thursday, 29 September 2011

My real first post

So I'm starting a blog about Android development, last night I had a particularly intriguing battle with app inventor and the Android market, but I'll get to that later :D

Here's a brief summary of my life so far in bullet point form:

-started with a g1, or as us Aussies call it: the dream...and I still dream about that awesome flip out keyboard.
-did all the tutorials and stuff, did the nehe open gl tutorials, and... Never really got anything to a publishable state.
-did a few app inventor projects when it first came out, they languished in obscurity until now.
-upgraded to the desire.
-started porting 3D chess to Android.
-started releasing live wallpapers to Android market.
-got the 3D chess project running in a proof-of-code sort of way and haven't worked much on it recently.
-upgraded to Telstra t-touch (or to the rest of the world: the ideos w8)... Damn you for not releasing honeycomb google.
-experimentally added add mob adds to one of my apps.
-topped over 1000 users for my live wallpapers with majority good reviews but very few comments.
-add mob revenue still a good 10c short of a dollar... Plenty of impressions, so they are bring seen but not used... Fair enough.
-started exporting app inventor apps to the Android marketplace... Hell of a night :P
-started blogging about it.

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