Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A little bit of Ice cream.

Over the last weekend i updated StalinSMS with a few bug fixes but i am still cynical that it works 100%.

The real big news is that I'm now  running Android 4.0.

It all started innocently enough on Saturday when i wrote the words UsbManager, with that simple  act i had written code that could noe execute on 2.3.3 and the ball was rolling.

It only too a couple of attempts to get what the xda community put together onto my phone. There are definantly  some rough edges like the non-functional camera and no extsd apps, but such is life on the bleeding  edge :D

So far the crowning glory has to be the integrated bluetooth keyboard/mouse drivers... I'm writing this from a couple of meters away, i can barely make out the text, but thanks to my DeNovo typing is not a problem & i can use the built in mouse pointer to correct any mistakes. So far the volume buttons work, but not sure about the multimedia keys, esc equates to the back button but i have yet to find the menu, search or home buttons. Just noticed the power button works fine too.


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    1. I know this just has to be spam... but still: my first comment :D