Friday, 30 September 2011

Getting App inventor programs prepared for the market - 100% on ubuntu - The essential resources.

 Ok so here are the four pages that made it all possible ... one or two may be superfluous as it took me ages to realize that app inventor also has an installable package required for ubuntu (maybe if i wrote this the first time I wouldn't have forgotten :\).

First for preliminary reading go through this post (which seems to be broken at the moment), and just try to follow these four simple rules of thumb:
1. Try to imagine that he never says "windows".
2. Try to imagine all the ".bat" and ".exe" extensions are missing.
3. Don't assume you have all the tools (see apktool below for example)
4. Assume that the commands will need tweaking (hence the 'tips' and 'tweaks' link)

Also check out this one, there are some sensible tips and tweaks in there.

Get the apktool here.

Perform manual signing using this technique.

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